CVS tricks

Show all modules:

I lifted this from my friend Joels website,, and have found myself using it many times:

List all directories in cvs

I accidentally typed this command and recieved a list of all the cvs root directories available for checkout. Other commands to list modules did not work, but this one did. You must be in a CVS directory first.

cvs -n co .

Recursively show all files:

Have you ever worked in a CVS module, added a deep tree of directories and files and needed to add them to CVS. If you have, you may have had to go through a painful process of adding one dir at a time, then all the files in that dir, then repeat until you’ve done all the dirs. I have a solution for that:

Just run this over and over again, until all files are added:

Note: careful, prune your directories first, it will add all files it finds!

cvs add `cvs -q update | egrep “^? ” | sed -e ‘s/..//’`

now do:

cvs -q update

are all your files added? If not, repeat process until they are.


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