Used cpan2rpm to create perl-Date-Set RPMS

I had the hardest time finding pre-made perl-Date-Set RPM, which I needed for a project I am working on. So, I made them myself with cpan2rpm.

It was really easy to do. Here is the result:
and, if you want the source:

I was very excited to find the cpan2rpm site. I’m new to RPM building, but I have created several custom RPMs from tar.gz source files, some with patches; I know the basics to a spec file; how to customize it and get a package built. But, that’s the extent of my knowledge on RPM building, I’m still very new. I used cpan2rpm to create Date::Set as an RPM from a source tar.gz file, it took just a few seconds, was very easy to use ( once I had all the dependencies installed, that is!). The link:

Also, the site owner keeps a large collection of SRPMs, so you can easily build a package

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