Eyespot, problem with href link [Closed]

9/30/08 – Update….  this doesn’t work anymore, eyespot closed down.  It was a start-up, ran out of cash.  I’ll leave the post for history sake, and also to point out the new security model in Flash (and presumably up), that is relevant to all Flash developers and users, regardless of Eyespot’s status.

Just trying this out. Here is my first media mix using their tool. Video quality is poor, b/c I used my phone to make the video.

The mix I made has a perma-link:

And on Here is the source code Eyespot gave me:

<embed src=’http://eyespot.com/flash/medialoader.swf?vurl=http://downloads.eyespot.com/direct/play?r=0XCzIG2UEykjxriEJW0oIWso1o&_autoPlay=false’ allowfullscreen=’true’ type=’application/x-shockwave-flash’ width=’432′ height=’407′></embed>

However, this results in a problem with the latest Flash player. On my video, when I click on the View Profile, or the “Video by dkoopman” link, it does nothing. It’s supposed to link to the Eyespot page. This is due to some “security” changes in the latest version of the flash player. The latest version has a “security” feature of some limitations on what you can access via Javascript from the Flash movie, including calls like window.open and location.href.

I am using Flash, version You can see what version you’re using by going here:

If you’re not using the latest,, you won’t have the problem.

There is a simple workaround.


Like this:

<embed src=’http://eyespot.com/flash/medialoader.swf?vurl=http://downloads.eyespot.com/direct/play?r=0XCzIG2UEykjxriEJW0oIWso1o&_autoPlay=false’ allowfullscreen=’true’ type=’application/x-shockwave-flash’ width=’432′ height=’407′ allowScriptAccess=”always”></embed>


Encourage Eyespot to use the Flash OpenURL(), rather than Javascript, to open URLs.

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  1. Oh wow, I thought Eyespot technology was pretty cool. I’m so sad to see them go. I think they announced their closing September 30, with a twitter, seen here: http://twitter.com/daviddudas/statuses/941478602

    Their website, http://eyespot.com/ , as of now, simply says:

    “We deeply regret to inform you that Eyespot has ceased all operations.

    We have spent three years providing over a hundred thousand of you with a unique video experience. We believed that by putting creative tools and rights-cleared media into the hands of influencers and connectors, Eyespot would enable social media and participation culture like no other company.

    After playing over two hundred million of your video creations, we have to stop. After assembling possibly the most potent team in digital media ever, we’re now moving on.

    Thank you all for being part of our community over the past three years.” –The Eyespot Team

    And from http://www.techcrunch.com/2008/10/02/deadpool-eyespot-closes-its-eyes/ I gather:
    “Eyespot raised $3.7 million way back in October, 2006 for its Web-based editor that makes it easier to create video mashups. But the Web video editor space soon got crowded, and there are only so many buyers. (Yahoo eventually acquired competitor JumpCut, for instance).

    One tipster tells us that Eyespot was on the verge of selling itself, but the M&A deal fell through at the last minute. With no cash left, the company had to shut down and let all 22 of its employees go on Monday. The site, though, is still up. Anyone in San Diego looking to hire should contact David Dudas.”


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