Lazy Social Buttons

Lazy Social Buttons

Want social buttons on your wordpress blog pages, but you don’t want to pay the performance penalty? Try Lazy Social Buttons by Go Daddy.

The WordPress Plugin is a wrapper for the Go Daddy open source lazy-social-buttons posted on github written by LindsayD. She’s the real mastermind behind this. I merely evangelized the concept like mad, then put a WordPress wrapper on the outcome.

To learn the full reasons why, please read my post in called OnHover Activated Social Buttons.

It’s since been picked up by – a really good write up with good suggestions for improvement.

This is the same lazy social button code used on the Go Daddy Home Page today. Go Daddy decided to open source their implementation so anybody can do the same thing on their page. Good move.

Changes planned for coming weeks:

1. More social buttons, such as Pinterest
2. Option to display # of +1s and Tweets (this is easy to do, we just had it disabled b/c that was the desired display for the Go Daddy homepage)
3. It’s own settings page (good tip from
4. Option to enabled after N seconds, instead of waiting for mouseOver. Just delay it long enough to be after all of *your* stuff is loaded, and long enough to be after Google Toolbar and other performance gathering tools stop listening and assume your page is loaded (about 3 seconds of inactivity will do it)


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