Pleasant to Castle Hot Springs and Back


Haven’t blogged in awhile, been super busy at work. Decided to get back into it with a new hobby, offroading. Found this great GPS app for iPhone, everytrail, that allows users to share trails with each other. You can download the terrain maps of where you’re going ahead of time, because cell data service is usually non-existent in rural areas (only available in the EveryTrail Pro app, $3.99 at time of writing, well worth it). You can download pro guides or other members’ guides, or even create your own. Members that get good at it can become pro guide contributors.

The everytrail feature to take photos/videos is key to making this GPS app fun and easy to use. Getting a GPX file is boring. Everytrail guides are brought to life with photos/videos and descriptions.

When you’re done with the trail, save and upload later when you have wifi available. Videos must load to YouTube first, and the mobile app attempts to do this for you, although this feature failed today. After loading videos to YouTube directly, the web app failed to import too, citing “technical difficulties they hope to resolve soon”. So, my first everytrail guide is videoless. Luckily, it was mostly pics.

Here’s my first offroad trail recorded with everytrail.

Pleasant to Castle Hot Springs and Back

In case the above doesn’t work due to flash player required, here it is again, less cool, but should work in your browser:

Pleasant to Castle Hot Springs and Back at EveryTrail

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