IPv6 Presentation, Introduction to IPv6

I am doing a presentation on IPv6, at my company’s TechFest.  This is a day event with keynote speakers, and break out sessions.  The purpose of TechFest is to give the developers and engineers a break from their day to day activity and get a view of what’s going on around the company and in the industry.

In this article, I’m copy/pasting my slide deck, and stripping out the company specific information, making this a generic Introduction to IPv6.

The Agenda for Today:

What is IPv6? (~10 minutes)
DNS (~10 minutes)
Getting Started (~10 minutes)
Web Application Development (~10 Minutes)

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My first chess video

I might get around to making a series of Chess videos. First, I set out to figure out how. I found that I can record my desktop with the free Windows Media Encoder. I used this site http://bhccvb.blogspot.com/2007/10/how-to-make-chess-videos-on-your-pc.html to learn how. The result of my first stab at this is below. I have a couple problems:
1. Microphone – I need a good one. The one I have sucks.
2. I need Fritz 11 software. I used WinBoard – which is OK, but Fritz is better.
3. Video dimensions. Winboard is rectangular, but taller than it is wide. I need to find a way to make a frame that is ideal for youtube.

Here is the video:

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Using tmpfs for MySQL tmpdir setting

This is incredible, by the way. Any time MySQL needs to use a tmp table on disk, you can make it use RAM disk instead.

WARNING: if the tmpfs partition you make isn’t big enough, MySQL will not be able to complete queries. Make sure you have enough RAM to do this.

mkdir /tmp/mysqltmp
chown mysql:mysql /tmp/mysqltmp

id mysql
# example:   uid=502(mysql) gid=503(mysql) groups=503(mysql)

#to set up on server restart, put in fstab something like (replace gid, uid with number from above)
tmpfs    /tmp/mysqltmp    tmpfs   rw,gid=503,uid=502,size=2G,nr_inodes=10k,mode=0700 0 0

mount /tmp/mysqltmp

# you don't need this:
# mount -o size=2g,gid=520,uid=518,nr_inodes=10k,mode=0700 -t tmpfs tmpfs /tmp/mysqltmp

#edit my.cnf, adding

restart mysql

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