Cisco Data Center Technology Forum

Yesterday, 2008-02-06, I attended this conference at the Phoenix Ritz Carlton. Cisco treated its attendees very nicely, with gourmet lunch, coffee, tea, soda, desert and snacks. The venue was also exciting:

1130-12 Registration
12-1 Data Center 3.0 Overview
1-2 Cisco IT
2-215 Break

I arrived shortly after 2pm, so I missed the above mentioned sections.

215-315 Data center switching
315-400 Virtualization across the data center
415 – 500 Storage Networking
5-545 Securing and Optimizing Applications
545-630 Cocktails and Questions

My notes from the session follow:

Catalyst 6500

VSS-1440 16port 10GbE module + 6509 Virt e-chassis
130 port 10 G in single chassis

Virtual Switch System (VSS) 1440
No more spanning tree
1.4 Tbps capacity
Discuss spanning tree, active-active, active-passive
VSS eliminates spanning tree

[insert diagram here]

Cat 4900 M
40 ports of 10/100/1000 + 8wire up to 10G
Blade Switch 3100
eases GbE to 10GbE
Virtual Blade Switch
up to9 blades up to 160G bandwidth
go from gig uplinks to 10 w/ hot swap.

Cat Blade Switch 3100
GbE blade w/ 10 GbE uplinks

Nexus 7000

Zero Service Disruption
Lossless fabric network
Dense 40 GbE/100 GbE Ready
Unified fabric
15 T switch caps

46 Gbps per slot -> 92 Gbps per slot -> 138 Gbps per slot -> 230 Gbps per slot (by d up to 15Tbps)

1/0 mods for 7000 – 32 port 10G, 256 ports/sys. 48 port 10/100/1000, 382 ports/system.

There is no backplane, per say, it’s fabric.

382 Cat6E all down one side cabinetry has cable management in mind

No monolithic code structure

Virt Device Contexts, overcomes consolidation

stateful process restart (AD -> tacexs -> radius -> 7000)

DC Assurance

Unified Fabric, will happen. 2008? no 08,10? Probably.

Unification of I/O, cisco heavily invested.

iSCSI or Infiniband for VMWare? Simplification = Nexus 7000.

NX-OS operating system. Multi-protocal dc-class os. Virtual control plane and scale design.

DC Virtualization

Virtualize everything that can be. Network, server, storage.
CIO delima – 100s of excuses, tech, finance, needs 10 servers – gets 10 servers
Complication: apps are ever changing
Client/server Web 1.0 -> Collaborated Web 2.0 & SOA
Implications – business impact, under utilized servers
Cisco view – virt everything (took 5 years)
Network – logically partition phy networks into virt networks
Server – VMWare
Storage – VSANS, virtual volumes manage storage pools of physical volumes

Ace 16 isoloted apps @ 2 Gbps each

Is 200% storage growth reality? In many cases yes.

SAN consolidated, easier to manage than DAS.
End up with many SAN islands

MDS consolidates storage islands and virtual

Bytes back program

Got util up to 70%

Inter-VSAN routing can back up out of the fabric

Move LUNs inside consolidated fabric

Information Life Cycle Management (ILM)
Symmetric for high
Clarion for moderate
ATA for nearline
Worm for archiving

Virtualization allows ILM policies to act behind the scenes.
Storage virt… will finish later

Virt budgets, buy back VMs, adjusts budgets
0.21 / MB -> virt -> .032 / MB (Total cost of ownership, minus building cost)

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